Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A New Day

I always thought a blog for Basic Inquiry was a good idea; somewhere to put news, insights on the current exhibitions and outreach to our community, so here we are picking up the thread, hopefully we'll be inclined to keep it going. For those of you that don't know the original instigator of this Blog, Joel, is a highly energetic young fellow who works his arse off in the name of art. I know what you are going to say.... he is one of many. You are right! There are so many of us sorry assed artists slogging away for peanuts. However, I digress, and its A New Day and I am going to encourage you all to make this a useful blog for Basic Inquiry.

Where should we start? Lets talk about this years exhibitions at the Gallery; being forever the optimist I would say there is always something fantastic about the work displayed at the Basic Inquiry Gallery, In fact 2010 brought a lineup of great shows. It began with Ban Wei's beautiful and poetic exhibition of his Chinese brush works on paper. Poesis was calligraphic in style and rhythmic in nature, and the works evoked the symmetry of body and soul. Following this feast of senses was the group show Celebrating the Olympic Spirit, In This Basic invited athletes of all persuasions to model in their athletic gear. This proved to be a great opportunity to introduce something new, and whetted our appetite for other themed model series. The resulting exhibition was a pretty good cross section of all the athletes who participated, this particular series really showed the versatile skills of our members. Above are images from the show; Hockey Goalie, Kelly by Jamie Jones (graphite on paper) Snowboarder - Guy by E.Harris Nichols (chalk on paper) Windsurfer - Rod by Jennifer Milton (acrylic on board) Windsurfer - Rod by Cesar Rizo (Digital imaging), Katie Resting- Runner, Bernie Lee (charcoal on paper), The Boxer Milford by Micheal Evans (charcoal on paper), Katie - runner, Elizabeth Harris Nichols (Graphite on paper) and Lacrosse player Mason by Jennifer Milton (Acrylic on board). Hopefully this is in the order shown as I have not posted before. Speaking of posting I shall have to give you my glowing report of our new exhibition Small Blessings in the next blog - this is hard work and I need to do my laundry. ciao. E.

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