Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spring Fling Art Show and Sale May 22 - July 3

Hey Basic Inquiry Members and Followers,

Please join gallery goers on Saturday May 22nd for the opening celebration of the Spring Fling Art Show and Sale.

We will celebrate this opening with a creation of a found object sculpture. Come by to view the art, snack and help build a first found object sculpture hosted at the gallery.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring Fling

Spring Fling

The Annual Member’s Show

May 22 to July 3, 2010

As Spring slips into summer we shake cobwebs from our minds and draw with a sense of renewal. This exhibition will showcase the works of our members that exemplify the enjoyment and skills of figurative drawing.

Show entry requirements:

  • Limit of 3 pieces per person
  • 5$ submission fee for each entry
  • Complete a form for each piece
  • Works must be of a figurative nature
  • Works must be framed and ready to hang

With a wire from one nail

No use of fishing line for hanging

  • You must be a member to submit to the show

All work must be submitted between April 25 and May 21

Any questions or for more info contact Joel

The Drawn Festival "Naked" A figurative Drawing Exhibition July 10 - August 7, 2010

Betty T. Woo
Bernie Lee
Bernie Lee
Jack Picknell
Jack Picknell
Jack Picknell

Peter G Berger
Peter G Berger
Peter G Berger
Lyla Smith
Basic Back

Lyla Smith

Lyla Smith
Cesar at Work

Ingeborg Raymer
The Green Turban

Ingeborg Raymer
Steve's Return
Ingeborg Raymer
Male Study in Blue and Green
Nude in Watercolours
Karin Vengshoel

Angel Strehlen
Micheal Evans
Micheal Evans
Susanne Kestner Aiello
David Huggard
David Huggard

Ingeborg Raymer Iva in Orange & Green

Harris Nichols Conte

Paul Zeke Chalk

Cyprian Liberia Coloured Pencil

Alain Boullard Computer Imaging

Alain Boullard Computer Imaging

Harris Nichols Pen and colour wash

Joel Libin Colour Pen and wash

Joel Libin Colour pen/pastel

Basic Inquiry Studio and Gallery Introduces


A figurative Drawing Exhibition

July 10 - August 7, 2010

Historically, life drawing has been the most enduring and inspiring genre in representational art. Drawing the figure offers tools for development of artistic skills, expression of the human form, the witnessing of empathy, and exploration of the paradox of identity. With this in mind, the figurative drawing studio Basic Inquiry presents the provocative exhibition “Naked‘.

Basic Inquiry sustains a 27 year old philosophy of making available affordable life drawing in a non-critical environment; this philosophy is conducive to providing similarly non-critical exhibiting opportunities. “Naked” is a non-juried exhibition that is open to all artists that have confidence that their work captures the quintessence of the idiom naked. The results of such an exhibition are drawn dialogues that are not regulated by the credo of a jurying process, but are the voices direct from a collective environment that follows the axiom of magnanimity.

Drawing is essentially art making in it’s naked form; the origination of the processes, and a catalyst for interpretation. As artists seek enlightenment through immediacy and intimacy of the act of drawing, they will also strive for acceptance and encouragement as they expose their own metaphorical nakedness.

Opening Reception July 24, 7 - 9 p.m.

1011 Main Street Vancouver, 604.681.2855

Events of the Drawn Festival at

Basic Inquiry Studio and Gallery

A Discussion About Life(drawing) August 7, 7:30 9:30 p.m.

The History and Philosophy of Basic Inquiry

“Life drawing is a basic inquiry into the human form.” Maurice Spiro

The Present: Introduction; Learning Curve, A Way of Life

In the Beginning: Philosophy and Intent; Stories from the Early Days

The Future: Action of drawing; Transcending Technique

The Closing: Great Expectations

Open to the Public: Free on-location life-drawing

July 17, Saturday 2-5 p.m. Science Centre park

July 31, Saturday 2-5 p.m. Thorton Park

info: /

Monday, May 3, 2010

At Basic Inquiry; Small Blessings by Annamaria Potamiti

The life drawing studio Basic Inquiry enables artists the opportunity to enhance their figurative renderings, decipher the map of the body and explore the nuances of individuality. The artist takes these hard earned lessons and creates a body of work that with sensitivity exemplifies their passions and expertise.
Not only does Annamaria Potamiti's exhibition of small paintings and drawings "Small Blessings" do all this, but, as well she lets you into the contents of her heart, a very intimate place. To my mind this is an act of bravery, particularly when the works are not what would be considered a popular theme in today's standards; where environment, existentialism and globalization are prevalent in the practices of almost every artist.
Potamit's imagery is introduced by visuals of the processes of making of art; this presentation of pencils, dialogue, cut out shapes, and simple outline drawings suggests invitation, and that anyone could partake in this creative journey. Sensitive line drawings and paintings of pastel palette with the simplified shapes of figures, objects and animals Potamiti shares precious, fanciful experiences and thoughts through an internal journey of childhood into adulthood, not necessarily her own, and many we can make our own.
This touching exhibition is accompanied by dialogue through online journalling that is very much a part of the exhibition. As a casual viewer looking at the exhibition though, one would consider it complete, however, Potamiti's blog adds another dimension of her practice, not only in a conceptual content where cyber interaction is a large part of our culture, but also the exhibitions' work in progress feeling; which is what life is, with all the trials and tribulations of living.
Like I said, this endearing exhibition is an act of bravery, and in many cases, artwork with emphasis on intimacy provokes the viewer to take on the role as the voyeur. In this instance, it as though I have been in lovely dialogue with a caring woman over a cup of Jasmine tea.